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Decrypt your data for Cryptowall

Our team of technicians and specialists are at your disposal to help you accelerate the process of decoding (decryption) and recovery of your files encrypted by the ransomware Cryptowall virus.

Design of a decoding tool

Research and development project to develop a "decoder" for Cryptowall and Cryptowall V3

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Many technological tricks and recommendations to protect you from viruses, ransomware, Cryptowall, SCG-Locker, and other...

President of Team Microfix, explain how cryptowall and ransomeware
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Cryptowall Virus, Cryptolocker or ransomware: decrypt your data

The Cryptowall virus, what is it?

A new type of virus currently circulating on the internet. These are "Ransomware" viruses. In other words, once it enters your computers or your organization, the (Cryptowall / Cryptolocker / CTB-Locker) virus encrypts the data of the computer and its network, which prevents their use. The virus then asks a ransom to decrypt files.

Why trust Team Microfix?

Currently, there is no way to recover data encrypted by Cryptowall, Cryptolocker or other type ransomware virus without paying the ransom.

In addition, if the time required by the virus is exceeded, it will be impossible to recover files encrypted by Cryptowall, Cryptolocker or CTB-Locker or another ransomware.

Team Microfix opened a center devoted to these ransomware viruses to help the victims recover their data quickly by helping them pay the ransom quickly, before the deadlines expire.

About team Microfix

Team Microfix specializes in computer infrastructure since 2001. The company develops solutions and levels of information control in order to maximize the profitability of your operations. In recent years Microfix has specialized in computer decryption processes. We have participated in many cases of data recovery operations due to the proliferation of the Cryptolocker virus, which started in 2013 and was neutralized in May 2014. We are currently working on the creation of a new decryptor to decrypt files taken hostage by Cryptowall.