ATTENTION : protect yourself against the new virus Cryptowall !

CryptoWallWe would like to take a few moments to advise you of the threat of the Cryptowall virus, which attacks systems by passing protection software.

Please read carefully and act as soon as possible.

A new type of virus is currently circulating on the internet. It is a « Ransomware » type virus. I.e., once entered in your computer or your organization, Cryptowall encrypts data from the computer and its network, which prevents their use without the decryption of the files.

Cryptowall virus writers then promise to give you your data in Exchange for a ransom, within 72 hours. Our centre for the victims of cryptowall is available to speed up the process in order to avoid the loss of your file or doubling of the ransom.

For the moment it is impossible to decrypt data encrypted by Cryptowall without paying the ransom, which can amount to several thousand dollars.

Here are the technical points to protect yourselves from ‘Cryptowall’ or other viruses of « Ransomware » type: :

  1. Windows Update must be enabled;
  2. No user should work in a session with the local administrators rights;
  3. A differential backup for 7 days on a USB hard drive with integrated security (there must be enough space to maintain 3 different backups);
  4. Ensure that the anti-virus are up-to-date;
  5. Do not open attachments from unknown email addresses!



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