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Team Microfix created a support center for the victims of the Cryptowall virus, Cryptolocker virus and other ransomware type virus. These viruses are presently proliferating computers at an alarming rate, it takes a few days to completely corrupt your data in an infected computer.

Team Microfix will help you to remove the Cryptowall virus and advise you to increase the security of your computer and your network against ransomware.


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Conditions: Thanks to our expertise and to our many interventions to fight against the Cryptowall virus, we have set up a support center whose purpose is to help victims recover their encrypted files by Cryptowall as soon as possible. Following a free evaluation, recovery of encrypted files will be at the cost of $125 per hour, minimum 4 hours. Our interventions to recover encrypted files by Cryptowall are not guaranteed and displacements are not covered. * Team Microfix is not liable for complications arising with the ransom or encrypted files. The purpose of our intervention is to accelerate the process and to increase your chances of recovering your encrypted files by Cryptowall.