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How to decrypt the files affected by the virus Cryptowall, Cryptowall-v3 and CTB-Locker and other Ransomware

Is there a decryptor for Cryptowall, Cryptowall-v3 or SCG-Locker?

At the moment, recovery of files encrypted by a ransomware virus as Cryptowall or SCG-Locker is an impossible task. In fact, use of a universal decryptor is not effective, since they are not compatible with Cryptowall and Cryptowall-v3-CTB-Locker. The only effective way is to use a complex random calculation method to find the encryption or encryption key.

This calculation is based on the comparison of a file encrypted by the virus and a healthy (non-encrypted) file. It is possible with this calculation to find the encryption key and thus decrypt the files.
However, this method is very long, since the level of encryption is 2048 bits. With this level of encryption, it is almost impossible to decrypt the data at the moment.

Nevertheless, it is obviously important to keep encrypted files, because there will probably be a day where we will be able to reduce deciphering time and thus recover files with the ransomware virus.
Note that it is possible that the creators of Cryptowall make the decryptor public, at the end of the life of their virus, as was the case for the Cryptolocker virus.

Recover your data with Cryptolocker.

Here is a link to download the logic Crypto Locker decryptor.

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Note that it is possible that it will never be available. However, there are chances that the pirates make it available. Indeed, what makes the success of their extortion, it’s time! The companies can’t wait to decrypt their files, and must therefore pay ransoms as soon as possible before losing their data.